Catherine is her name. Her friends sometimes call her "Cat" as that reference defines her playful and inquisitive personality.

Born in Arizona, she was raised in Chateauroux, France and attended L'ecole des Beaux Arts as a youngster. She now lives in Phoenix. Her designs, even in school, were always "out there" as they were contemporary and full of colors.

After her Mother's passing in France, she came back to Arizona and was greeted by the most spectacular deep rainbow sky. She was certain that is was "Mom's sky" and thus painted her first painting in many years called "Le Ciel De Cecile". She has been painting and creating ever since.

She is an independent, creative and impulsive Loving Soul that simply loves to paint. Applying many years of experience, Catherine combines oils and acrylics - so far on canvases- but if you hang around long enough, she might just paint over you too!

Every situation is unique. Every area is its own. She may start with an idea and a vision, but the paints take her where they want to go. They have never failed her. On occasion, Cat playfully hides her signature

"paw print" in her creations.

If you want to know more about Catherine's artwork, feel free to contact her at 480-217-0778 or send an email at