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Pain’s Purpose

Recently divorced and learning to be single again at the age of thirty-nine, Catherine experienced extreme deceit from an ‘Evil’ incarnate individual whom she thought was a friend.

Having gone from complete trust to total betrayal, Catherine lost everything. The severity of the trauma affected her mental state and brought her to the verge of suicide. Moments before swallowing a fatal heap of pills, she was interrupted by a “Voice”, commanding her to, “Wait Another Day”. The morning after hearing the “Voice”, Catherine began a journey of self- discovery and healing that would completely free her from the pain of her past.

It is this life altering guidance that she is sharing with you. Through a mixture of story-telling and moments of self-reflection, Catherine will show you how to implement the changes  in your own life, so you too, can experience transformational healing, live free of your past pains, with forgiveness in your heart, compassion, love and hope! It is a very courageous, emotional and inspirational journey.

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Wait Another Day

While still living at home in France, Catherine was excited to experience the American Dream. Shortly after her arrival, she met a nice man four years her elder, got married, and had three children. However, twenty years later, the marriage ended in divorce. As she was adjusting to her single life, she befriended a very charismatic individual who she helped while he was going through a difficult time.

To repay her, he offered his help in return by connecting her to a higher paying job in California, promising it will change her life! With the blessing of her three children, Catherine left for the California coast, excited for her new life and full of promises for the children. After months on the road and no job in site, it all came to a brutal stop in a very shocking and unexpected way. Everything came crashing down. Unable to process what was unfolding, she begun to lose her sanity under the weight of the deception, trickery and disappointments. In a matter of a few months, Catherine fell into a deep depression with no hope in sight.

What she thought her life was going to be and how it turned out became unbearable and she decided to end the pain. Catherine’s road to hell, paved with the best of intentions, eventually led her to her rebirth. Hitting rock bottom, she was about to swallow the pills when out of nowhere she was interrupted by a voice commanding her gently to “wait another day”.

This book discusses her journey that led her to hearing the Voice, but mainly what happened afterwards and the healing that unfolded the following weeks. It is a very courageous, emotional and inspirational journey